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Adele is a decent job to play if you're interested in taking down the end-game bosses. For 30 seconds, create 20 Ether Swords that each deal 770% damage 2 times.

After being summoned, deals 900% damage 9 times on up to 15 enemies, activating 8 times. For 30 seconds, increases your damage by 45%, Ether acquisition rate by 40%, and the maximum number of commanded swords by Order is increased by 2. Mechanics . Level 20: Consumes 20 MP. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Level 4: Consumes 46 MP and 20 Ether. Reach the level of a master through constant battle. Creates a number of aether swords around your body using all available ether. Not affected by effects which reset cooldowns. Every few seconds, your magic wings will flap, dealing 1800% damage 3 times on up to 6 enemies, healing your party members’ (including yourself) HP by 9.5%. [Passive effect: 5 speed, 10 jump, 10 maximum speed. Can move upwards while pressing the up key at the same time. Deals 425% damage 6 times on up to 7 enemies.

Float back like a feather and remain aloft for a short time.

Can they take advantage of the thief and AB links? While casting and ending this skill, you are invincible. Do you need Zero, Pirate and Kaiser links to survive better when mobbing? It sounds like you’re on regular server, so I’d probably forgo the Jett link as it costs real money to reroll. When these newer characters hits a higher level, their skill can be given to another character of the same world same account without losing its own one. Level 20: 30 attack, 25% final damage, 20% critical rate.

Adele Bossing.

Do you need even more IED from Hoyoung and Zero? Unaffected by attack reflection. Deals 800% damage 10 times on 1 enemy. You can use this skill while in the air to dive down vertically, dealing 550% damage 6 times on up to 6 enemies. Can only be used when an aether crystal is in range, or if chained from Impale. One of the main features of Adele is the ability to control flying swords as you fight mobs, making it one of the best mobbers in the game. Not affected by effects which increase buff durations or Buff Freezer.

Level 20: Consumes 12 MP. Reinforces the foundation of the warrior.

Level 9: Heal 4% max HP/MP every 5 seconds (you can heal while in combat). Level 1: A crystal will last for 35 seconds. The duration of the aether sword doesn't elapse during Aether Bloom, and the aether swords that return with Noble Summons cannot bloom.

And if adele doesn't have a debuff, you would need to pair explorer mage + thief link. Not affected by effects which reset cooldowns.When Aether Guard is cast, you don't suffer debilitating status conditions.

If you are attacked as soon as it's cast, the attack is completely blocked and you will gain temporary invincibility. Level 20: 30 attack, 10% boss damage, 20% critical rate, 15% maximum HP. If this skill hits an enemy, there is a 15% chance to create an Ether Crystal. I would run Beast tamer and Zero, but they are currently locked.

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