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In a video that has since gone viral, the presenters throw lewd statements that could have left listeners left cringing. Dembe FM presenter Jacob Akugizibwe aka Djjacob Omutuuze has hit out at the moles in National Unity Platform who are failing him. Early this month, Dembe Fm presenters Jacob Omutuze, Senior B, William Tomusange hosted Shasha Brighton at the radio’s studios in Namuwongo. Dembe FM and Spark TV Twezimbe show presenter Hajji Shafiq Kayima has described city Pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha as a ‘bank of sickness’.. but no one has spoken about my position,” he notes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

In Summary. Really disgusted!”. According to Omutuuze, there are several attempts at trying to block his candidature in NUP! (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = ''; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Is Shasha Brighton this attractive that three men had to go into this form of excitement when they hosted her? […] Chameleon joins Muntu’s ANT after NUP’... […] Latif Ssebagala throws NUP ticket due to Conflicti... […] EC is applying double standards on Museveni’... News now Uganda is an online news platform that reports current and accurate news from time to time every day. What were the listeners doing while all this happened? They deserve to be fired because they behaved as if they have never seen a blackboard.”, Brian D. Wheeler wasn’t sure what was being said, ‘but clearly from seeing the unsolicited touching and her uncomfortable reaction – this is definitely inappropriate behavior.’. “Imagine, what else is brown, if the waist is this brown?”.

But not before the presenters make remarks that could be taken for wanting to have sex with the singer. According to Kagumire, the said video makes you think twice as a women if you are invited to such a show! You have abused us so many times but everything always has an end .You have destroyed my name through the years but what exactly did I do to you? The ‘Sitya Loss’ hit maker went ahead to complain how these same radio presenters have spread rumours that he is illuminati and gay a thing that has tarnished his name very negatively thus announcing war between him and them when he is back in Kampala. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Surely Dembe FM and NMG need to be held responsible for this kind of GBV.”, Lydia Namubiru chipped in. Kagumire’s post elicited condemnation for the men’s behaviour. Ever since he became a star, singer Eddy Kenzo’s name has been smeared with a lot of dirt by some people who are probably jealous of his success. You have pressed us against the wall and you have destroyed the industry we have tirelessly worked for.” Kenzo added. I am a citizen of this country and resident of Bunamwaya, so I will contest where I want,” he says. Make media environment safe for women! He adds Ssendi earlier claimed that he should not contest in Bunamwaya because is not a Muganda. Dembe FM management is yet to respond to the calls. Ms Basemera replaces Emperor Orlando who … “Uncomfortably smiling because while these lumpens have nothing to lose, she is there to promote something, to work, and so must remain amiable to ensure that happens. What disgusting men! This follows a trending video on social media in which Pastor Mondo Mugisha lambasted bodybuilders of being nothing doers but people who only mind about sex all the time.

Jacob accuses NUP of being infiltrated by his enemies from DP bloc and his workmates who don’t like him. Sandwiched between the three men, the musician was clearly uncomfortable. “The touching of this women is way way out of line! On Tuesday, activist Rosebell Kagumire posted, “Dear Dembe Fm you need to stop this nonsense right now! The woman is clearly uncomfortable and the men are clearly allowed to think with their penises 24/7. “Imagine that voice singing for you very early in the morning,” they continue talking as an unamused Brighton stares at them, probably wondering why she did not enjoy the company of her friends instead of appearing on Africa Koona. courtesy photo . Besides the online blog, Chano8 is also published as a hard cover print magazine, which is available in all major shopping malls and airport free duty zones across East Africa. Dembe FM’s Djjacob Omutuuze cries out; DP bloc in NUP is fighting me not to get party ticket: Dembe FM’s Djjacob Omutuuze cries out; DP bloc in NUP is fighting me not to get party ticket: Dembe FM presenter Jacob Akugizibwe aka Djjacob Omutuuze has hit out at the moles in National Unity Platform who are failing him. I hope Nation Media Group looks into this! “DP block is fighting me not to get a ticket, they have given money to people in NUP and my different workmates to fight me. Should you talk about me any more I will come to your station and what I will do there might get me arrested because I will fighting for the name I have made for years.” Kenzo said. Buyondo Sula is in the middle of loosing his life to Cerebral Venous Thrombosis (CVT) and Brain AVM. Jacob accuses NUP of being infiltrated by his enemies from DP bloc and his workmates who don’t like him. It is absurd, “he says. It has been reposted several times with activists calling on Nation Media Group to discipline the unruly men. Dembe FM presenters Sam Gombya, Jennifer Basemera and Mayende pose for the camera. which he says is an absurd situation when NUP gets to be used by outsiders to determine matters within. Cornered, she eventually asks for help from a fourth man in the tiny cubicle that passes for Dembe Studios. Posted by Kakensa Media on Friday, November 2, 2018. Subscribe to receive Watchdog Uganda news in your email at no cost. However, Omutuuze remains strong beside not getting NUP ticket for Lord councilor of Bunamwaya. I am warning you. Your email address will not be published. Watchdog Uganda is a portal for solution journalism, trending news plus cutting edge commentaries in the fields of politics, security, business, tourism, entertainment, technology, agriculture, climate change, environment, public health et al.

When women are invited to radio programs and are on camera, and your presenters choose to behave like this, it leaves almost no room for a woman to bargain in the face of invasive behaviour which have no room in a professional settings.

It is a trusted platform that is giving general news. “Dembe FM I am tired. News now Uganda is one of the different business portfolios of Crane Media Group which includes Gold FM in Fort portal, Crane Media Institute, Crane Media Ltd and Real Life Activations. Eddy Kenzo at War with Dembe FM's talk and talk presenters, Eddy Kenzo complains why Dembe FM presenters tarnish his name, Eddy Kenzo threatens to beat Dembe FM's Talk and Talk presenters, The 13th Edition Of The Tanqueray All Music Safari 2020 To Give Back To Charity, Full Figure Unshaken Despite Being Shunned By A Group Of Youth In Mbarara, Review: Azawi’s New Video Paints Real ‘Lo Fit’ Love Picture, Cristiano Ronaldo Beats Messi , Neymar To FIFA Best Player Award. What were the listeners doing while all this happened?”. The others then take turns to feel her soft fingers as Jacob runs his hand against her face and neck. By Catherine Apolot Early this month, Dembe Fm presenters Jacob Omutuze, Senior B, William Tomusange hosted Shasha Brighton at the

“Every position was returned and people selected! Chano8 is an entertainment and lifestyle magazine with a specific aim of promoting the music industry in East Africa. The artiste who was so outraged in the video attacked Dembe FM’s ‘Talk And Talk’ show presenters Mr Eddy Sendi and Kasuku accusing them of doing nothing … “Look at this neck,” he says before the musician then asks them what could be his problem and ‘leave me alone.’. Eddy Kenzo who is currently on his European tour told Kasuku and Sendi that they were only lucky because he was not in the country other wise had he been in, he would have attacked and beaten them. Omutuuze refused to blame Bobi Wine for his woes. When Kakensa posted the video, he asked; “Is Shasha Brighton this attractive that three men had to go into this form of excitement when they hosted her? Our news in your inbox. It should be remembered that in 2015 Eddy Kenzo and Kasuku fought at a press conference and since then the two have been at logger heads and Kasuku has never stopped talking ill about Eddy Kenzo. Latest news coming through from Dembe FM confirms how their own, Buyondo Sulaiman, a sports presenter and events organizer is currently on his death bed after doctors giving him just one year. The two-minute video, posted by Henry Kakensa on November 2 video kicks off with Jacob ‘forcing a hug’ while his colleagues cheer him on and laugh. Dembe FM presenter Kuku Wazabanga aka Kasuku has called upon food donors to stop giving them posho and beans. Zahara Totto Dances Completely Naked Live on Camera, Museveni ensures security in election process after successful nomination, get full speech here, Chameleon joins Muntu’s ANT after NUP’S decision on Mayorship – find out, Winnie Kizza to Join EALA-Museveni Surprisingly Endorses Her, Why Ronald Mayinja released new campaign song for president Museveni not Bobi Wine, Why FDC badly wants Dr. Stella Nyanzi for Kampala Woman MP, Dembe FM's Djjacob Omutuuze cries out; DP bloc in NUP is fighting me not to get party ticket |, Lawyer Male Mabirizi drags EAC secretary general Mfumukeko to court |, Latif Ssebagala throws NUP ticket due to Conflicting interests in the party | News Now Uganda, Chameleon joins Muntu's ANT after NUP'S decision on Mayorship - find out |, Muntu alumnus of Makerere University condemns Museveni on Makerere fires |, News Now Uganda: Designed by Emedia Uganda Ltd, Eddy Kenzo’s new single Missounwa remix ft Monique Seka hits billboard in the United States, Richest Musicians in Uganda 2020 list updated. Sam Gombya, a presenter at Dembe FM, is a close friend of Herbert Kyewalyanga, alias Herbie Kay, who is also a presenter at Metro FM. Surprisingly, his position remains undecided during NUP vetting. John Blaq’s ‘Don’t Be Like’ video, here is what you should not miss, Late registration – UNEB warns Head teachers on registering Candidates, Pallaso Releases ‘Malamu’ Video, Watch and Download here, The cause of Sheikh Doctor Anas Kaliisa’s death, Geosteady and Fik Fameica wrap up 2020 as they take Panadol Na Action in new Love Hit Song, Reasons why Bebe Cool is not happy after Mayinja’s official campaign song, Uganda Presidential Candidates to battle for 2021 general election – Full list, Bobi Wine tops among five Ugandans on 100 most influential young Africans in 2020, Is she OKEY? Lots of baseless rumours of him being gay and illuminati have been the main talk on his critics’ lips and according to what he said in a Facebook Live video, Kenzo is sick and tired of this and wants to personally deal with haters speaking ill of him. Sam and Herbert have been close friends for … “I have been silent but my silence is not stupidity and if I was in Kampala, I was going to drive and park at the your premises and waited for you guys to come out and among us some one was going to die. As if that that is not enough, when thugs attacked and beat the late producer Danz Kumapeesa, Kasuku came out and spread rumours that Kenzo had a hand in it. Dembe FM’s Djjacob Omutuuze cries out; DP bloc in NUP is fighting me not to get party ticket. Required fields are marked *.

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