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It turned out to be an inspirational pep talk – he told me he saw real talent and potential in me; that I was dedicated, passionate and hard working. I got my head down, starting right at the bottom of the ladder on a six month unpaid placement in the vegetable section. We work closely with British suppliers and farmers who are as passionate about their produce as we are about cooking and serving it. It was a huge step for me: my own restaurant, my own name above the doors. In Market I hosted a social Thursday dinner on the 7th March where you experienced a unique culinary Journey with fresh, delicious and mindful dishes, with live cooking stations that showcased modern techniques. My first cookbook ‘’Tom Aikens: Cooking’ was published by Ebury in October 2006. As I ran across Battersea Bridge in London carrying the Olympic torch, thousands of people lined the streets and cheered me on my way. Tom Aikens with his mother Tania and his twin brother Robert Credit: Tom Aikens With life, you never expect it to be a flat line. I had a strong belief that cooking was what I wanted to do, however my parents had visions of me and my brother flipping burgers in McDonalds, so I had to reassure them that I had an ambition to build a serious career. Even then, I think we both knew that these times with our mother in the kitchen would drive us both towards becoming chefs. If you were in trouble everyone came to help and I loved being part of that team.

During the service you were not allowed to look at or speak to Robuchon so you had to concentrate very hard.

Tom’s Kitchen was created to embody all that sharing food means to me, from a simple cooked breakfast, to a large family dinner. David was a chef with a short temper, and I suspect that this influenced my own behaviour in my formative years. Carole was passionate, and it was clear how deeply she wanted to make an impact. I sent my very scant CV to about 20 different hotels and restaurants and every one came back with a rejection and the same answer: “Sorry, not enough experience – try again in three years’ time” ! Then after eleven years, we decided to close Tom Aikens restaurant in 2014 to focus on my other projects. Growing my international restaurant portfolio has also been a key focus, with a new restaurant and deli opening in Doha 2019. Raised in Norfolk with a respect for fresh, seasonal ingredients, Tom works tirelessly to use the finest local and sustainable produce. Eaton mess is a tower of seductiveness of vanilla whipped cream, strawberry coulis and fresh raspberries and strawberries layered up with crispy meringue. Filming started six months before we opened and captured everything from construction and food development to all the nitty gritty bits and pressure points of opening a restaurant. They have not worked together as equals since a traumatic parting of the ways a few years after learning their trade as catering students at Norwich City College. The split ended a vision that began when the family stopped at a French hotel on their way home from a skiing holiday when they were eight or nine.
I was the youngest, so it was kind of the ‘bigger brother’ thing. Every service the ovens and stoves were stripped and cleaned, the brass was polished, the stove tops scrubbed with green scourers and finished with sandpaper so they glistened like stainless steel. Elegant in the company of HRH Prince Albert and the F1 drivers followed by a seated dinner for 60 VIP customers of Sothebys. We had to make sure that each one stood out from what was already available in Abu Dhabi, looking at quality originality and value, also making sure that all three concepts were very different from each other, so guests staying in the hotel would have three very different concepts to eat in, all offering a different variation in cuisine, atmosphere, price & service. It needed a lot of repairs which was challenging and I would be expected to repair things in the kitchen all the time. I was spellbound. Experiencing all these new foods was almost a magical experience. It was at the age of 13 that I first seriously thought about becoming a chef. So, bizarrely, when I got a call from David Moore about going back to be Head Chef and Co-Owner of Pied à Terre, I knew I couldn’t say no. You might also get several boxes of baby red mullet to fillet and pin bone, which would take a few hours to prepare. In September 2015 I opened my first restaurant in the Middle East – Pots, Pans & Boards, in collaboration with my business partners Meeras. Wagyu from Australia, Prime USDA beef from America & Kobe beef from Japan. The explosive taste of the strawberries and peaches was heavenly. However the produce was some of the best I had ever seen and my eyes were on stalks half the time, just seeing the amazing variety and quality on offer. My nickname was ‘L’anglais’, quite dull, but fine with me. The team was 60 strong – 30 Chefs and 30 Front of House – for a 65 cover restaurant.

Tom and his twin brother Robert always helped out in the garden, picking fruits with their mother to make the most delicious jams and chutneys. It was such an amazing honour to be part of this procession.

These places had 2-3 year waiting lists and if you managed to get in, you knew you were amongst a select lucky few. Kernow Sashimi for fish I learnt so much not only working with Boyer but from working in Champagne. The team was small, with only four or sometimes five of us in the kitchen to cook a small amount of covers. Increasingly my time at school had become less important and I left school with few qualifications, much to the disappointment of my parents.

I worked at their house of residence and helped Lady Bamford with the opening of Daylesford Organic. It took me a while realise that going to the market at 3am, and then starting a full day’s shift at 5:30am, wasn’t sustainable. We would work from 6am to 1am, with a quick break at 4pm. His first restaurant, Tom Aikens, has received huge critical acclaim and was awarded a Michelin star a year after opening, sealing Tom’s reputation as a culinary leading light. The book was broken down into cooking categories from easy to hard, as well as simple step-by-step cooking methods. I remember Richard would go over the lunch menu at 10.30am and there would be no time to get any second deliveries of vegetables; so I would have to run down to the local market or Tesco’s to get last minute supplies. What a good vintage. The produce there was the best I’d ever seen; truffles, ceps, wild strawberries, fresh almonds, peaches – all fresh every day and inspirational in quality. Market restaurant is inspired by healthy eating healthy living and wellness with great fresh produce, the style of cooking is an Asian style ,largely from Korea & Japan. I was a chef working 20 hour days, six days a week and I slightly lost control. I was now 21 but hadn’t touched a piece of fish since college – I had literally six weeks to get up to speed with another French chef showing me the ropes (who I think must have wanted me to fail as he was so half-hearted). I wanted Tom’s Kitchen to feel like everyone’s kitchen, more like an open house than a traditional restaurant. For as long as I can remember – probably from the age of 8 or so – my twin brother Robert and I were always helping our mother in the kitchen. My father and grandfather were both in the wine business; in the late 70’s and early 80’s my grandfather ran the wine side of Colman’s of Norwich (more famed for their mustard, but great wine merchants too!).
And I treasure the accolades we achieved together including a Michelin Star in its first year of opening (2004), followed by ‘Rising-Two-Star’ status and 5 AA Rosettes in 2008.

The 18 hour days were intense, but the excitement kept me going and eventually led to a full-time, paid job – David saw how passionate and dedicated I was to the work. The rest of the cuttlefish meat would be turned into staff food, which was curried most of the time and tasted foul. Of course, there were days when I thought it was all too much, but what surprised me was the camaraderie in this kitchen. The best chefs at that time were Pierre Koffmann, The Roux Brothers, Nico Ladenis, and Marco Pierre White, who was just starting out. And I even got to keep the torch! But September came around and a weight was lifted off my shoulders when the Michelin Guide was released and it was confirmed that we retained the second star and I had become the youngest British chef to achieve this accolade. I only ever saw a couple of chefs leave. His remarkable career has taken him to David Cavalier’s in Battersea, Pierre Koffman’s La Tante Claire, Pied-à-Terre and Joel Robuchon in Paris to name a few. This was a mixture of simple everyday recipes as well as more elaborate restaurant dishes from the Tom Aikens restaurant. Despite the silence we all worked as one. This was the sound I heard every morning whilst waiting outside to be let in. In the early 80’s my father started a wine shop and a wine importing company, not only with French wines but with the start of New World wines too. Having accrued more than 25 years experience in the industry, I love the challenge of working with new partners and using my knowledge to create new restaurants, concepts and special events. The principle of Tom’s Kitchen was an all-day Brasserie-style restaurant serving comfort food, including some great British classics. We’d help her with weighing, measuring things out – and of course we’d always be on hand to lick out the sticky, raw cake mix at the bottom of the bowl. Growing up in Norfolk we had a large back garden where our mother grew all our own fruit and vegetables. As its name suggests, The Pawn used to be a pawn shop back in the 1890s. The new Hotel opened in October 2018 , I was given a generalised brief on what was required from the Management team of Edition I then created three concepts, the Mediterranean led restaurant called Alba Terrace, the informal yet informed British rock ‘n’ roll steakhouse Oak room and the all day dining restaurant market is a restaurant focussed on wellbeing and healthy eating, inspired from mainly Asia, Japan and Korea. I joined Pied à Terre to work with Richard Neat. He was an extremely imaginative and creative chef, full of ideas and a little madness too. I began to hatch a plan for a new restaurant of my own – one that would reflect and celebrate all the farm and food production knowledge I’d picked up at Daylesford. After three months, I was moved from the larder to the fish section, it was great to move onto a section where I would be working on my own, so I felt I really had to prove myself. That evening I had the most extraordinary meal – one I still remember vividly to this day. Leigh's Bees for honey So, at the young age of 18 I had a plan of action – and I was going to stick to it. With over 200 recipes which range from very simple to some more elaborate chosen recipes. Formerly head chef at the Dandelion, Philadelphia’s interpretation of an English pub, Aikens will move to boutique hotel Williams in Murray Hill. A classic beef Tartar with watercress pickled shallots carrots and a parsley mayonnaise, seared scallops with piccalilli and curried flavours. The name of the restaurant was rooted in what I truly love about food: it can be delicious and amazing served family-style in pots, pans and on boards.

There was one particular dish that I shall never forget: the Poulet de Bresse with Perigord truffles. here. It was a real sacrifice but when you are desperate to work for the best, and you have goals and aspirations, you will do anything to get there. You can find our Community Guidelines in full

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