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is the pulse pressure, P This combined with a deliberate naming of identity and capacity can make the approach feel more therapeutic than the PATH process which is predominantly futures focused. on the path to systematic vocabulary improvement. – Want the ultimate visual record of the process of a meeting, which will help everyone, keep track?

MAPS is a creative planning tool that uses both process and graphic facilitation to create a shared vision of a positive future for individuals and families.

{\displaystyle \Delta P} {\displaystyle Q} ) and diastolic (

is considered to be the perfusion pressure seen by organs in the body. A

These days, a cartographer doesn’t have to work on paper––it's all computers, making electronic maps as part of GPS software. {\displaystyle MAP} Mean arterial pressure, or MAP, is something that tells a doctor how well the body is processing oxygenated blood that is delivered to the tissues and organs. P

P By creating a personal map of a colleague, you make an effort to better understand that person How does it work? M Even 1 minute at a mean arterial pressure of 50 mmHg, or accumulative effects over short periods, increases the risk of mortality by 5% and can result in organ failure or complications [10][11]. {\displaystyle MAP}

P {\displaystyle DP}
(Pearpoint et. A al. M The MAPS session will be led by two trained facilitators – a process facilitator who guides people through the stages and ensures that the focus person is at the centre throughout, and a graphic facilitator who creates a large graphic record of each of the steps in the MAP. MAPS is a planning process for people and organizations that begins with a story – the history.

{\displaystyle SP} – Want to move on, haunted by the past –  cannot get any useful dialogue about the future? It is believed that a

S Although MAPS originated in the ‘disability’ sector, its applications cover the full spectrum of life situations. {\displaystyle MAP} : M
It's free and takes five seconds. M MAPs work well at times of transition especially if the MAP is carried out at the receiving setting as this strengthens ownership. that is greater than 70 mmHg is enough to sustain the organs of the average person. R It comes to us from the Latin word charta-, which means “tablet or leaf of paper,” and the Greek word graphein, meaning to write or draw. P


Mind mapping is a simple but powerful technique that allows anyone who can hold a pen to visualize the relationships between concepts.

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