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Intelligent. Modernised, improved, envisioned and transformed are all great words to use. Cos sourcing out those great words to best describe yourself and enhance your CV ain’t easy. In the world of work, you can either sit passively while things happen to you, or you can make the most of situation, take action and take charge of your career like the superhero you are. For instance, some helpful CV action verbs that convey analytical skills include: Some action verbs that show off communication skills include: Leadership skills can be conveyed with action verbs like these: Finally, these action words are helpful for portraying creative skills: Now let's take it up a notch. 5. It's time to flex those CV writing muscles. Creative. Active: I completed the project before the deadline and exceeded my targets. 6. So, replace a... 3. In passive sentences, the subject is the thing that has the action done to them. Don't miss to receive the art world's most entertaining newsletter - every Thursday. Last week we highlighted the words not to use, so now it’s time to try out these buzzwords, key adjectives and examples to land you your dream job in the art world. Innovation is one of the most important skills to have in the art world. So get specific with your word choice. Passionate. Genuine. Including verbs that show leadership and transformation. 12.

If using verbs helps you show off what you've done, choosing active sentence structures over passive ones will help you add that additional 'wow' factor. invitations and lots of inspiration. It also shows how fantastic your attention to detail is. Tel: +441159 529809. So think creatively about words that will set you apart from others. Terms & Conditions   Privacy Policy   Cookies Those action verbs might start to lose their meaning if you use them again and again. Recruiters want a collaborator not a dictator, especially in the customer service field.

Also, it is so dated. Pow. Here are two ways of writing the same sentence: Passive: The project was completed before the deadline and the targets were exceeded. Why a good LinkedIn profile boosts your interview chances by 71%, Security guard CV template (with example information), Recruitment consultant CV example: ATS-friendly template, Names of industry-specific tools or software, Action verbs (ex: supervise or build), particularly in the job duties/responsibilities section.

The Top Ten Words to Leave Off a CV 1. Professional. 5 skills every employer expects to see on your CV. Address: 78 Homefield Avenue, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 8GA, United Kingdom. Active verbs versus passive verbs. 3. Being creative can take on many meanings and problem-solve in a creative manner is one of them. A well-written CV can speak volumes about your communication and organisational skills in general. Add some BAM, POW and WHOOSH with these action words for your CV. In short, what you say about yourself in your CV will 'tell' potential employers what you're like. Address: 78 Homefield Avenue, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 8GA, United Kingdom. 9. Action Verbs Like they teach you in school, 'Verbs are doing words'; they come in pretty handy when you're writing your CV because you can use them to show off all the things you've done. Stay away from the cringe clichés when it comes to writing your CV. Use the verb list we included above, or simply Google 'action words for CV [enter career field here]'.

This demonstrates problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to think outside the box. 10. Sharing stats on your achievements is the perfect way to show that you are results orientated and work hard! So, now that you've learnt all about the power of verbs and active phrases, it's time for those CV writing muscles to be flexed. We thought so. Success? Value or valuable are words that will show that you are thinking about how you helped to improve the companies where you previously worked. Anyone can say they led and managed a team. So, what does using action words for CV writing say about you? An example being the word redesigned, which is a great buzzword to use when looking for a job in the art world. The most powerful thing you can do is give examples. © 2020 TopCV, All Rights Reserved. Digits Dynamic. So, active or passive ‒ which one would you rather be? Show how you add value Leadership Adjectives.

Chances are, if industry recruiters spot the same kind of terms and phrases in your CV, they'll think you're a better applicant for the job because you fit the field. We helped this business owner build the CV that's perfect for her, Everything to know about addressing your cover letter. Back in 2015, Microsoft reported that humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish. Knowing what action verbs are and how you can use them to make an impact. Devoted.

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