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Let me tell you a little something about me โ€“ I literally live and breathe Turkish TV series, HA! Ever since discovering them about two years ago, I spend majority of my time either watching them or talking about them — so much so that I’m near fluent in the language, HAAA!

The only way I know to properly show my love and passion for something is by creating a website (you can only imagine how many websites that translates to, HAA!)

For my Turkish series love, I created a website to help fans like me keep up with their favorite shows! Unlike in Canada, where each episode of a show is at most 1-hour long, Turkish series span anywhere from 2โ€“3 hours per episode. That makes it so hard to keep up with what you’ve watched and haven’t watched. The purpose of the website, dizilah.com, was to make staying up-to-date a breeze!

what’s included

  • Custom built website built with Laravel and Vue.js
  • Responsive and Mobile-friendly pages
  • user membership + | accounts (forgot password, my network, my shows)
  • ability for users to track / like shows
  • ability to add actors/actress to โ€˜favouritesโ€™
  • custom-built episode calendar using slick slider
  • Advanced, genre-based search functionality with custom search filters
  • Social media feed integration
  • Blog (connected to social)
  • and much more!

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